Magnifications of my milieu, my abstract photos portray outside influences upon my ever-changing perspective. Abstract photography mirrors my desire to find new ways to approach situations and interpret topics, from exercise to city culture to botany. Wheels spinning while my lustrous locks flowed on a summer bike ride, I pulled my bike over to shoot “Crystallized Droplets.” This late-afternoon abstraction defies my past images by having multiple focal points with water frozen in space rather than blurred; thus, this photo was the springboard for, “Sheer City Life,” a focus on chiffon drapery as a representation of sheer waves blurring golden window glints. Testing alternative styles, I shot the two images as complements of each other through opposite focal points and color schemes. Likewise, “Branches” heralds my deepened abstract experimentation through Photoshop black and white balance, saturating my image, especially enhancing the azure sky. Rooted in David Hockney’s signature mosaic-esque images, “Fragmented Tree” culminates my abstract photography. The evergreen fur’s fusion of abstract images comprises tinsel tiles, per se, with meringue-white borders that emphasize each photo.