Until I savored a Roma tomato from my Mom’s backyard garden, I didn’t imagine the disparity between homegrown and store-bought produce. After my flavorful awakening, I was inspired to learn more about the magic of sustainable food. As I researched our food industry, I realized it has many secrets. Current laws like the volumetric ethanol excise tax contribute to air and water pollution, and can ultimately make food less available, ironically adding to the world hunger issue.
I was most disturbed, however, by our current practices in the industrial meat industry. Crowded and unhygienic conditions in these plants caused me to decide to become a vegetarian.
From leafing through documentaries to tuning into discussions on vegetarianism, I have since been inspired to record my own journey as a vegetarian. In so doing, I have recreated a poignant memoir of the long-lost tradition of predominant sustainable agriculture. I strive to embody the color blasts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and portray cattle and poultry as victims of an industrial scam. However, the farms I shot photos of chicken and calves at were sustainable and either local dairies or ranches. My photographs are meant to inspire viewers to revel in local produce.
Bon appetit!