Meredith Moore


Buttering my croissant, I look up and listen. I stare him in the eye, and then shift my gaze to his masterpiece. In Lucien Clergue’s study of bullfights, he portrays the foreshadowing of death. Clergue explained that the essence of powerful photography was having philosophical intent; capturing quality images became both a technical and emotional process. Hearing him speak about his experience as a photographer at my photography workshop in Arles, France, inspired me to analyze photographs on a philosophical level.

Through trials and tribulations, I've ultimately learned that art encompasses all of my favorite endeavors, art history the hybrid of my two passions. Art embraces a myriad of concepts, thus leaving viewers open to their own interpretations. I've transformed into an art historian who analyzes her own photos and relates them to the past. While a slight hand gesture in a painting may appear minute, in turn the finger’s position can reveal something much more: the ability of artwork to invoke historical context by focusing on the greater picture through shading, lighting, and quality.


  • objects
  • photography: themes
  • portraits; graphic design (Adobe InDesign)
  • scenes


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign